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Heat wave getting your dog down?

Heat wave getting your Dog down?

For some dogs it doesn't take much to put them off their food. A change in habit, less exercise than usual, that and the hot weather can all contribute to your Dog losing their appetite for a while. In fact it's more common than you think. For an otherwise healthy dog to miss a few days of food is not a big deal but if your dog stops drinking regularly during this exceptionally hot weather then that can be a problem.

You might (or might not!) be surprised to know that vets are recommending electrolytes for dogs that are suffering in the heat and off their food. This will help to prevent dehydration and help maintain optimum body fluid composition.

This Recovery Drink is not just for working dogs but an ideal way to replenish fluids and nourish from within..PLUS the price is far lower than equivalent products such as Royal Canine Rehydration support and similar. Pick some up now while stocks last for just £14.99.

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