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In the meantime please check out our terms or business below

Online Copy of Terms of between Waggin’ Tails, hereafter known as ‘the Company’ and __________________________________________, Hereafter, known as ‘The Client’.‘The dog’ refers to the clients Dog/Dogs.



All dogs taking part in walking, training will be registered with the company. This registration is a free service in order to ascertain the necessary information and history for each dog. The client will be have been asked to complete an online registration form and should advise the company if any changes occur, particularly concerning the dog/s behaviour (aggression towards humans or other dogs) or any changes in the dog/s medical condition. The client should ensure their dog is micro chipped and/or permanently identifiable, has a name tag with contact details and be annually vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas/ticks regularly in accordance with veterinary advice, to prevent the spread of disease to other dogs. We also recommend that your dog is given the Kennel Cough (Infectious Bronchitis) Vaccination annually. Although it cannot prevent all cases, it will reduce the likelihood and severity of infection in an outbreak.



Each service will be given an approximate collection  time.

Walking & Home visits – Collection of dogs for walking will be given an approx time slot, the client will be advised of this timeslot by 6pm the day before the service. Clients can request particular timeslots for walking and home visits, the company will endeavour to always meet these times when reasonable notice has been given. If the client cannot be at their home to permit access for collection of the dog or be able to leave the animal in a secure area from which they can be collected, the company will request a copy of keys in order to make entry. These keys will be kept in a secure safe on the company premises and this will make no effect on the clients insurance or home security, as permission of access has been given on the above terms. In this instance, the dog will be left as found, always ensuring there is access to fresh water following their exercise and the property is always to be left in a secure state. If it is not possible to gain access to the property, through no error on the part of the company, the customer will still be liable for the full amount due of the service provided.



The client must provide in accordance with The Control of Dogs Order 1992 a collar with the name and address (at least postcode) of the owner engraved or written on the tag. Your telephone number is optional, but advisable. We recommend using your own name, rather than the name of your dog. Please be advised, it is not sufficient to have only a Veterinary Tag or ‘Scan me I’m Microchipped tag’ If we arrive to collect your dog for a walk and it has no tag, or does comply to the above, then we are unable to take your dog out in public, however you will still be charged. Furthermore, in accordance with The Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2014 all dogs must be microchipped.

(The company may use an additional collar if they feel that the client’s collar is not suitable) If your dog does not have an ID tag we can obtain one for you before undertaking any of our services.


Cancellation Policy

If the client wishes to cancel a service, the company requires notification by telephone or email by 18.00 hours on the day before the service has been booked. If this is not the case, we will charge up to 50% of the service that has been booked.


Location of walking and training

Group walks will take place at any predetermined suitable site as specified by the client or company.  Private walks may take place at any suitable location.



During registration the company will request emergency contact details, preferably a telephone number. The company will also record the contact details of your veterinary practice and in the unlikely event that it is necessary for the dog to be taken to a vet, the company will contact the client to advise this as soon as possible. If the company arrives at the client’s home and the dog is not in a fit state to be walked, we will contact the client immediately to advise this and recommend the action to be taken.



The company holds public liability insurance indemnified up to £3,000,000. Care, Custody & Control cover up to £10,000 & Cover for Loss of Household keys/Replacement locks. We recommend the Client has their dog/s insured independently for there is no cover under the Companies insurance for accidental injury to the dog/s, whilst under our control. Should it be necessary for your dog/s to be taken to a vet the client will be responsible for any costs incurred.

A copy of the company insurance policy is available on request.



The company will provide professional, trained and insured staff to care for the clients dogs. At all times the dogs will be under direct supervision of a representative of the company.


Group dog walking  - from £12.00

 All dogs will be previously registered and deemed to be suitable for walking along with all other dogs within the group. Initial walks will be made with the clients dog on lead and they will not be allowed off lead without the clients permission or until the company is satisfied with their ability to recall. Bitches should not be in season & we do not take intact males on group walks. Walks will last for a minimum of 40 minutes. The company will terminate the walk if it is necessary to return one of the dogs to their home following an emergency or if bad weather occurs which is deemed dangerous for the dogs or walkers. Following the walk the company will provide water and if necessary dry and clean the dog to the best of our ability so they can be left in the client’s home.


Private walks – from £18.00

The dog will be walked on their own, on lead. In this instance it is acceptable for bitches to be in season (on lead only and not in parks or areas with large numbers of dogs) and to include dogs requiring rehabilitation or training.

Walks will last for a maximum of 30 minutes. The company will only terminate the walk if it is necessary to return the dog to their home following an emergency or if bad weather occurs which is deemed dangerous for the dog or walker Following the walk the company will provide water and if necessary dry and clean the dog to a standard at which they can be left back in the client’s home.



The company requires payment for all services to be on delivery or return of dog to the client’s home, unless otherwise specified to the client by the company.

These payments should be made in cash or bank transfer.


Contact Details

WT can be contacted by Email on By phone, Mobile 07770 497879  Phone calls will be answered within normal office hours Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm. Any messages left outside these hours will be returned the following working day.


Governing Law.  This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


WT Company Details


Waggin Tails, t/a WT Dog Walking and Training is operated byVictoria Aguilera


BANK TRANSFERS; Account details for WT are,


HSBC Bank PLC, 24 Market Place, Frome

Sort code – 40-21-19

Account number –  51598791

(Please use your dogs name as a reference.)

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